Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Burnaby Mountain: Suzuki family members and Tahltan Nation members arrested

UPDATE NOW BELOW: Livestream of Burnaby Mountain
Wed. Nov. 26, 2014
Click here for livestream by Sea Shepherd:
In the video, a group of women including Suzuki family members and Tahltan Nation arrested on Burnaby Mountain, as the struggle continues to protect sacred land from the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
In the news: David Suzuki delivers fiery speech on Burnaby Mountain
Below, today on Burnaby Mountain: Clayqout veterans prepare to be arrested at the mountain

Victoria supports
                                                Elsipotog in Solidarity with Salish Land Defenders

Protest Snowbowl Opening Day 2014: Sewage Snow on Sacred Mountain

Protest Planned for Snowbowl's Opening Day

By Klee Benally
Protect the Peaks volunteer

FLAGSTAFF, AZ -- Arizona Snowbowl is opening their controversial ski area on November 28, 2014 with snow made from 100% treated sewage on the San Francisco Peaks. 
This protest is being held to address environmental issues, public health concerns, and ongoing religious freedoms violations of Indigenous People who hold the Peaks sacred. During the recent sale of Snowbowl, new threats of ski area expansion have been made to the integrity of sensitive mountain eco-system.
The mountain, water, and all life forms are precious. We will keeping standing for human rights and environmental justice until they STOP making snow with treated sewage effluent. Come stand together against Snowbowl’s dirty snow!

When: Friday, November 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM.

Where: Flagstaff City Hall.
At the corner of Rt 66 and N. Humprhey’s St.

More info:

Facebook event:

Black Berets Cofounder Henry Dominguez speaks at AIM West


earthcycles on Broadcast Live Free

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Video by Govinda, Earthcycles
SAN FRANCISCO -- Listen as Henry Dominguez, cofounder of Black Berets, shares his memories at the American Indian Movement gathering in San Francisco, Nov. 21 --22, 2014. 
Sharing his heartfelt memories, Dominguez, wearing the coat he wore on the Longest  Walks, says, "It kept me warm." He was on the Longest Walks in 1978 and 2008.

Nez Perce and Paiute: Water Rights and Borders at AIM West

Watch live streaming video from earthcycles at

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
SAN FRANCISCO -- Listen to Webster Arthur, Nez Perce living on Pyramid Lake Paiute, and his daughter Raquel Arthur, Pyramid Lake Paiute, speak on borders, Paiute water rights to Pyramid Lake, and more Native American rights, at the American Indian Movement gathering in San Francisco, AIM West, Nov. 21 -- 22, 2014. 
Webster Arthur describes how there were never any borders for Indigenous Peoples. Raquel decribes the corruption which threatens Paiute water rights to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. She tells how Sen. Harry Reid was a frequent visitor to sweatlodges before legislation surfaced which would steal Paiute water rights. She also describes the corruption by tribal leaders involved.
Live by Earthcycles and Censored News

Tribes Unite to Protect Grand Canyon from Escalade Development

Tribes Unite to Protect Grand Canyon from Escalade Development

Historic meeting in Supai: tribes unite to oppose Grand Canyon Escalade
Hopi and Save the Confluence (STC) leaders meet with Havasupai Tribal Council, Nov. 14, 2014. Attendees included STC coalition member Renae Yellowhorse, Hopi Chairman ​Herman Honanie, Havasupai Council member Carrie Sinyalla, Havasupai Chairman Rex Tilousi, and Hopi Cultural Preservation Director Leigh Kuwanwisiwma.
By Grand Canyon Trust
On November 14, eight members of the Save the Confluence coalition joined Hopi Chairman Herman Honanie and cultural preservation director Leigh Kuwanwisiwma in asking Havasupai Chairman Rex Tilousi and the Havasupai Tribal Council to pass a resolution to oppose a mega-resort and tourist tramway at the Confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado rivers. This rare intertribal gathering took place at the Havasupai tribal office in Supai Village, located in the heart of Grand Canyon and along the healing turquoise waters of Havasu Creek.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bahe: Keeping Legends Alive, Radio Show About October Sheep-Impoundments

From: "NaBahii Keediniihii"
Keeping Legends Alive, Radio Show About October Sheep-Impoundment
Greetings All,
40 years, I have lived and witness my Dineh community stand up for liberation, honor the Treaty of 1868, honor their ancestors who have fought against the colonial Spainards and Euro-Americans, honor the Great Spirits of the Female Mountain (Big Mountain and Black Mesa), rekindle the flames of Dineh Sovereign resistance, and made declarations to resistance U.S. Anti-Indian policies known as PL 93-531.
Today, many of my great elder Chiefs have gone to the Spirit world and if they were still around, only they would know who I was and how I fought alongside them. Now, I am alone but I just hope to keep my elder Chiefs' voices alive.
Here's a link to a 14 minute, video slideshow that includes a radio interview about this October BIA invasion and attack on traditional life of the Dineh:
Mitakuye Oyasin.
Kat the Bahe

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