Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Audios in San Francisco: AIM-West Welcome to 40th Anniversary

Article and photo by Brenda Norrell

SAN FRANCISCO -- Listen to interviews from tonight's planning session for the 40th Anniversary of the American Indian Movement, as AIM-West prepares for a week of events, Nov. 24 -- 28. Listen to tonight's interviews with Tony Gonzales, Mark Anquoe, Kiowa from Oklahoma, and Pegge Lemke, who was also a Long Walker. Pegge also encourages Native American Indian Nations to save wild horses and develop programs for their youths.
More information: Tony Gonzales (415) 577-1492
Listen live at Earthcycles,, Nov. 24 -- 28, 2008
Photo: During the planning meeting for AIM-West's 40th Anniversary, Tony Gonzales
receives a photo by photographer Kerry Richardson of a 1992 meeting of the International Indian Treaty Council in Marin County, Calif., attended by Rigoberta Menchu, Bill Means and others. Photo copyright Brenda Norrell

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