Sunday, May 8, 2011

Geronimo Codename: San Carlos Apache Nation demands apology and executive order

San Carlos Apache Nation demands apology and executive order

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The San Carlos Apache Nation vehemently opposes the use of the name of Geronimo in the military attack on Osama bin Laden.
The San Carlos Apache Nation demands an apology and executive order from President Barack Obama, to prevent the misuse of this Apache warrior's name, and the continued stereotype from a "cowboy and Indian" society which targets American Indians as "enemies."
Read San Carlos Apache Nation letter to President Barack Obama:
Geronimo's family reacts to Geronimo codename
KOAT: Great Grandson: 'A slap in the face of my family:'
Harlyn Geronimo: Codename defames a great human spirit:
Fort Sill Apache:
Fort Sill Apache Nation Chairman Jeff Houser: Geronimo no bin Laden
Ben Carnes, Choctaw:
Ben Carnes, Choctaw: Osama bin Laden Codename Geronimo:
Geronimo: Skull and Bones and the Bush family
Geronimo: Skull and Bones meeting with San Carlos Apache Nation delegation:
Former Councilman Raleigh Thompson describes how the Bush family and Skull and Bones attorney attempted to return the skull of Geronimo, and silence the San Carlos Apaches
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