Thursday, January 7, 2016

Leonard Peltier Health Emergency 2016

Dear Supporter,

We received a message from Leonard this evening. An excerpt follows.

"For months, if not at least a year now, I have been complaining about medical problems and that something is wrong with me… For the last few days, I have been on call out to go see the doctor. Today, I was called again and had my blood pressure taken and gave more blood for more tests. Apparently, they found what's called Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) and it is at a very dangerous [stage]. If it bursts I can die. I will bleed to death. So they are going to rush me through some more tests, a MRI on Sunday, then find the right surgeon to do the operation. The good news is [this surgery] has a high success rate… if nothing goes wrong."

At this time, we have no further details. Suffice it to say that, at Leonard's age, any surgery is risky. Also a concern is that during his treatment at a federal prison medical center, Leonard will be held in isolation.

Please visit Make reference to Leonard Peltier #89637-132 and USP Coleman I. Voice your concern about Leonard's medical treatment, and let the federal Bureau of Prisons know that the world is watching. We demand that Leonard receive the best possible care.

Please also contact:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534
(202) 307-3198

In addition, when you make your call to the White House (as we know you often do) to voice your support for a grant of clemency, please mention Leonard's current health crisis. Mr. Obama must act now.

Leonard and the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee thank you for your support - in particular during this critical time.

We'll keep you informed of any developments.
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mooswa said...

Hope everything works out gud for one of our brothers....I prayin for his recovery...ninanaskohmon an'och oma ka tipiskahk....

Ian Willow said...

The FBP page will only accept the concerns of those living in the USA. Please find a way to let them know that "the world" truly is watching, even if we're not provided the facility to voice our concerns.

Ian Willow
South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the greatest good . Great Spirit we pray for the very best surgeon and a speedy painless recovery.

Judy said...

Leonard should never have been incarcerated in the first place. It is time for the Federal Government to swallow there pride and admit their mistake and right at least one of the terrible wrongs done to our people. Prayers are going up for Leonard, I know the creator has his back.

Stitchwhiz said...

I'm thinking of Leonard at this time. Best wishes for recovery of your health and also may Obama grant you clemency. I know all about Triple A's, i.e. abdominal aortic aneurysms because my husband had one and overcame it 5 years ago. And yes the treatment options are very promising. Good luck Leonard. You are in good company. Albert Einstein ultimately succumbed to a Triple A but not before he offered himself as a patient and underwent experimental treatments to try to find a cure/treatment.

Jack Peltier said...

My prayers to you cuzin... A'ho all my Relations...

mike clunas, Canada said...

Pray all goes well and a fast recovery, all the best

SEAGIFT said...

To show you how mean spirited the USP system is, I had a Christmas card returned, because I accidently wrote an 8 instead of a 3 for the PO Box. Return stated no such Street. one knew Leonard Peltier was in that prison? Impossible. I resent it in a larger envelope, so it could be seen, but know that it will be opened and original envelope undoubtedly destroyed. Beyond sad.

Susan Sullivan said...

Blessings 2 you brother Leonard ❤

Darlene Fetterman said...

Praying for us as I have been for so long. A friend had the same surgery. They are fine after 12 years. Our Creator will protect you Brother

Anonymous said...

Bombard Obama's face book page - plus The Whitehouse FB Page and Michelle Obama 's ...

Anonymous said...

Stay strong

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