Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Indians in Brazil refute Pope's claims
While protesting, Indians in Brazil said they weren't silently yearning to become Catholics and weren't purified by the church as Pope Benedict said:

"... Wera Djekaupe, a Guaraní, arrived back at the museum. He repeated what he had just broadcast on a Brazilian television programme, as part of his activism in the press, media, academic circles and schools. 'The indigenous people of Brazil, long before the arrival of the Portuguese and other colonialists, already knew who had created the Earth. The great creator of all nature, of the sea, of the moon, of everything, was Ñanderú,' he said. 'The pope said that the Church purified the Indians. I refute that. Indigenous people were already pure; we were purified by the great Ñanderú,' Djekaupe said."

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