Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homeland Security's 'Vulturism' in Flooded South Texas

Homeland Security repeats New Orleans crimes against humanity in South Texas

Contact: Margo Tamez, (509) 595-4445
Dear friends,
I am writing on behalf of Margo Tamez, who called me from the road today and asked me to relay this important message to you. Her mother Eloisa Garcia Tamez told me on the phone today that FEMA is not providing aid to poor people in the flood who are without food and who are in need of medicine.
Eloisa Tamez emphasized the issue of disparity, as she witnessed escorts for the movement of big business materials, while people are suffering. And on this same day, DHS commenced construction of the border wall in Hidalgo County, where the same people who are dealing with the wall and militarization of their neighborhoods have had to leave their homes during the flood.
Margo Tamez says, “DHS is performing vulturism upon the communities in their most dire moment of catastrophe. Today in Hidalgo County DHS started on the wall. They must be more humanitarian! DHS must stop wall construction and provide disaster relief.”

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