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Peace and Dignity Journeys Central Arizona routes

Peace & Dignity Journeys 2008 Central Arizona Route
Photo: Peace and Dignity runners, including grandmothers, in Pennsylvania with Long Walkers Northern Route at the Buffalo Nation Powwow. Photo Brenda Norrell
Here's the routes for Central Arizona. Another route ran from Wheatfields on the Navajo Nation south through Apache lands. A route in New Mexico was scheduled to arrive in Las Cruces today, Saturday, July 26, after running in from Albuquerque.
Main Route
Contact: Liza Hita
Date Start End Mileage
7/26 (Sat.) Ft. Mojave Nation (Needles,CA) Chimehuevi Nation (Lake Havasu, AZ) 67 miles
7/27 (Sun.) Chimehuevi Parker/C.R.I.T. 35
7/28 (M) Parker Salome 60
7/29 (T) Salome Akimel O’Odham Nation (Gila River – Piipash Village, D7) 90
7/30 (W) Piipash Village Sacaton (Gila River, D3) 47
7/31 (Th) Sacaton Tohono O’Odham Nation (Santa Rosa) 60
Altares de Izkalotlan Tributary Route
Contact: Tupac Enrique-Acosta
Date Start End Mileage
7/26 (Sat.) Salomen Wickenberg 55
7/27 (Sun.) Wickenberg Azteca Nation (Nahuacalli – Phx)* 71
7/28 (M) Nahuacalli
Moadahk (South Mountain)** 11
7/29 (T) South Mountain Yaqui Nation (Guadalupe) 5
7/30 (W) Guadalupe Sacaton 30
7/30 (W) Piipash Village Sacaton*** 45
* via Macehualtepec & Phx Indian School (Steele Park)
** via Barrio Garfield & Pueblo Grande
*** via Muku’yahui & end @ Casa Blanca Rd.
Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad 2 Continental Ceremonial Run
For more info/para mas informaciĆ³n:
Tonatierra – Nahuacalli
802 N. 7th St., Phoenix
(602) 254-5230
The Peace & Dignity run is dedicated to healing our tribal nations. The run strives to bring the sacred staffs to as many native nations as possible. The run started in Alaska and is heading to Panama. This years run is dedicated to protecting sacred sites.

The Gila River route will start on July 30th in Piipash village (D7), will run through Komatke and Vahki (D5), and camp in Ge’e Kih (D3). The run will head out of Sacaton on July 31st and make its way to Santa Rosa Village in T.O.
We are in need of runners, support vehicles, food and water donations as it travels through our lands. Contact:

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