Thursday, November 6, 2008

US paid for border training in Israel for US and Canada

Mohawk Nation News today reports on Canada's training in Israel for border security. This follows the news that the University of Arizona has been co-opted by Homeland Security for dollars, placing Homeland Security agents on campus and designing lasers shot at migrants' arteries. The University of Arizona earlier violated the rights of Apache and other Native Americans who struggled to protect sacred Mount Graham from the desecration of telescopes, which was carried out by the university with backing from the Pope.

Recently, US Homeland Security paid for border security training in Israel, for both Canada and the United States. With Israel's history of Apartheid, the human rights travesties inflicted by Israel on Palestinians, and Israel's Apartheid border wall, this should alarm everyone in the world. The Mohawks, and others battling for true sovereignty and human rights, are among the first to be targeted.

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