Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Censored News March 10, 2010

Secret talks emerge over San Francisco Peaks protection
As the Obama administration seeks an alternative for sewage water to make snow for tourists on sacred San Francisco Peaks, Arizona's Major Toxins Senators McCain and Kyl continue to fight against Indian Nations:
AIM West San Francisco
Agenda for AIM West meeting tonight at the San Francisco Baha'i Center, protecting sacred places and Indigenous rights:
Canada: Secrets of the dam: Aboriginal elders removed from court
Aboriginal elders removed from court on Hydro hearing
(MANITOBA) -- Dozens of First Nations elders were punted out of court this morning as lawyers haggled over flood documents Canada wants to keep secret.
CENSORED NEWS Headlines: Illegal use of Native youths photo hate crime;' Timbisha Shoshone Urge Obama Pass UN Rights Declaration; Federal Court Upholds Environmental Genocide Targets Navajos; Haiti Aid: US Respect Sovereignty Without Militarization; Human Rights Crisis Phoenix; Racism in America: Katrina to the Borderlands

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