Saturday, April 10, 2010

Minne Two Shoes: Dancing now in the Spirit World

Minnie Two Shoes 1950--2010
By Rob Capriccioso
True Slant
Another sad passing for Indian country. Minnie Two Shoes, a leader with the Native American Journalists Association, passed away yesterday after battling cancer. On top of Wilma Mankiller’s death last week, it’s another big loss.

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Barney said...

I just heard of Minnie Two Shoes leaving the hard times of these days and of her life.
We were co-patriots during the sixties and seventies, ultimately hopeful about the future even when confrontations with colonial terrorists threatening our lives and homelands were arresting leaders, abusing children and elders, destroying our homelands and causing death with impunity.

Minnie and I danced together and laughed heartily at our own mistakes and how it was to put our lives on the line for the survival of the Red Road. It won't be long, Minnie, we will dance in freedom someday where all his colonial holocaust is unable to find a way. All those Cheyenne women from Hammon still ask me about you......