Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photos Long Walk 3 at Eagle Butte, Cheyenne River, SD

Long Walk 3 northern route for the reversal of diabetes in Eagle Butte, Cheyenne River Lakota land, South Dakota, April 2011. Photos by Chris Francisco LW3.
April 10, 2011: Long Walk 3 in South Dakota and Oklahoma
Northern Route: On Saturday, April 9, Chris Francisco said, "We will be heading towards Ft Yates today around 9-10. We had a day of rest in Eagle Butte. I hope everyone is warm and dry. Peace and love to you all. Aho creator for keeping us safe on the roads and bless all the supporters that have been praying for us. Be well."
Southern Route: The southern route was in Canton, Oklahoma on Saturday and with Cheyenne Arapahoe and Commanche at events. On Monday the southern route plans to go back going to Lawton to tour their Wellness Center and discuss their diabetes prevention program.

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